Community Vision

The Town of Huntington will provide a safe and healthy environment for all its residents. All residents will have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in educational and recreational activities. Some of these activities are musical groups, art classes, drama workshops, swimming, canoeing, skiing and environmental workshops which would help people to become more aware of the world around them and how their actions impact all life both environmentally and socially. Places will be provided for residents to gather socially and to take advantage of recreational and educational activities.

All residents will have affordable housing and medical care to be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Huntington will provide all the necessary public works and safety departments i.e. fire, police, ambulance so the residents can access the town’s resources safely.

Businesses will be able to afford to locate in town and people will be able to work out of their homes. Businesses will also have a safe and productive place to operate. Light industry will also be encouraged to locate in Huntington in order to broaden the tax base so everyone can afford to live in Huntington.

The Town will provide good schools so students will receive all the skills necessary to graduate high school at grade level and be able to obtain employment or continue their formal education.